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Playdough activity ideas for children and adults Welcome to a collection of ideas that celebrates playdough!

Bought or homemade this awesome stuff rolls, cuts and shapes any number of imaginings whether you're young or if you're grown! Use the search bar below to find activities across the site that add spark to your doughy adventures through the additon of picture printables and game play ideas..

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News for May 2018

Playdough cement, mix up a batch and sandwich together blocks for a house, a shed, garage or build a garden wall.. 
What to use for playdough cement ..

The kitchen drawer is a chest of playdough tool treasures! Press, mash and extrude to create a whole range of doughy effects - playdough tools from the kitchen drawer
Playdough tools from the kitchen drawer

On May 18th Hasbro successfully trademarked the scent of their iconic Play-Doh - on Toy News 

Whisker snipping!  roll tapered threads of playdough and use scissors to practice fine motor skills whilst dressing animal faces with eyelashes and vibrissa! 
Whisker rolling playdough mats

Enjoy the Royal Wedding today with some popcorn box outlines, wobbly eyes and a mound of playdough that can be modelled into flag-waving procession goers! 
Popcorn box template

If you're gearing up for some weekend motor sport these outline F1 cars can be laminated, coloured in with chalk pens and playdough used to make each car a head & body racing driver.  Get ready on the start line, get set and rev the engine,  now it's time for GOooooo. Drivers losing their head over this will need to take some time out to rethink their strategy. First past the finish line wins their name on a prestigous golden cup award.

Racing car playdough game

Racing car playdough activity


Outside playing? Forage for little twigs, sticks and sprigs that can decorate a ring of dough and turn it into a bird nest!
Spring time bird nests

Sculpt puffy white playdough clouds for a unicorn game! Use a die to create a bridge from one rainbow platform to the other, whilst sprinkling sparkle dust over the game board ..
Unicorn playdoug game

Still plenty of time to sow seeds for the summer - on RHS  if you're planning on a border filled with sunny sunflowers, savea few seeds to collage designs on the surface of dough - sunflower playdough mats 
Sunflower seed playdough collage

playdough activities for all ages
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Pumpkin patch autumn game
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Pony beads for collage and threading
Mixed wooden matchsticks
buttons for collaging on the surface of playdough

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Ways to use play dough - recipe for homemade playdough  
Make playdough in 5 minutes - recipe video

A few more of our favourite doughy picks ..
Hedgehog prickles playdough activity
Grey playdough on the contruction site ..
Playdough shape mats to print laminate and play ..

Some favourite playdough activities

Monster muching counting activities ..
PLaydough face mats
Playdough pizza box template printables

playdough twist
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Playdough line

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