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Welcome, to a whole load of activity ideas that celebrate playdough!

Looking for a homemade playdough recipe? colour themed ideas or maybe the season's sparked your curiosity?

Here you'll find a growing number of playdough mat prinables and suggestions for using cooked, raw and commercial compounds, perfect for young and grown up enthusiasts!   Use the search bar below to help find activities across the site or scroll down to see our picks of the moment, doughy news and updates to the site.

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Playdough ideas for the autumn

Playdough activity news

News for October 2018

Don't forget your ping pong balls, permanent markers and false teeth in the build up to the 31st ..
Pingpongular playdough scares   
Pingpongula activities for Vampire Halloween

News for September 2018

Horse chestnut tree conkers are beginning to appear! Forage for some of these peeking treasures and add them to dough.  Conker Playdough activities over on silkysteps 
Conker playdough printables

News for August 2018

Apples and unicorns!  print and play counting games 
Unicorn clouds and apple barrels

Happy Lammas! To enjoy a month filled with harvest ideas begin with a set of wheat themed playdough mats and a recipe for wholegrain dough .
Lammas playdough mat activities


News for July 2018

Wow, so who stole July!? On the news front the USA's Trade War impacts on Play-Doh maker Hasbro and a heatwave warms all corners of the UK.  Spare a thought  for local wildlife and put out a bowl of water and a few biscuits (cat biscuits work well)  Hedgehog playdough activities   
hedgehog playdough mats


Happy first of the month! With the summer quickly warming up this Cl'awesome crab playdough idea can help cool things down with thoughts of an ocean breeze ..   
Crab orange playdough activity

News for June 2018

Spider babies! everywhere! so why not have fun exploring the formation of their webs though snipped lengths of yarn, spiderweb playdough mats, balls and ropes of playdough?    spider webs and playdough
Spider webs and playdough activities

Our pot-contained mint is recovering nicely from the frosty mornings and the leaves make a great addition to some vapour rub dough for snuffly sculptors 
Vapour rub playdough recipe

Lion manes! cut a circle of dough for the lion head, a ball for its muzzle and two squashed round as ears. Then trim, snip and extrude dough to build the familiar big cat's face. Black buttons
Lion playdough


Damp drizzly morning here on our patch of the UK, looking out with some edible croissants :) Triangle shape cutting and rolling playdough activity.
croissant playdough activity. Shapes cutters, rolling and dusting

playdough activities for all ages
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Pumpkin patch autumn game
Poppy printables and playdough activity ideas
Spiderweb playdough mat printables
Pony beads for collage and threading
Mixed wooden matchsticks
buttons for collaging on the surface of playdough

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Glitter tubs to add playdough sparkle


Ways to use play dough - recipe for homemade playdough  
Make playdough in 5 minutes - recipe video

A few more of our favourite doughy picks ..
Hedgehog prickles playdough activity
Grey playdough on the contruction site ..
Playdough shape mats to print laminate and play ..

Some favourite playdough activities

Monster muching counting activities ..
PLaydough face mats
Playdough pizza box template printables

playdough twist
playdough stack
Playdough line

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